About us is a site specialized in lotteries. We've been on the internet since 1999. Our goal has always been to create tools to help lottery players improve the quality of their games, with closings and statistics for whole number lotteries (mega millions, powerball and anothers), in addition to other resources such as a probability calculator and systems focused on the economy of games.



Our mission has always been to create tools to make work easier for people who love lotteries. Our applications have always been innovative resources, thinking about solving users' day-to-day problems, specifically aimed at lotteries.

When the site appeared in 1999, still a small project, the difficulty in combining numbers was immense, since the computational power required was gigantic, and in some cases, it still is today.

It was in this scenario that emerged, through a creative idea that made it possible to create closures with guaranteed successes instantly. How was that possible? With creativity and technical knowledge in algorithms and combinatorial analysis.



Can it be easier? So let's make it easy. This has always been the vision of, since its first walks in 1999. Since then, everything has changed, the internet has become faster, smartphones have appeared and here we are, working on any type of device and even better.



Ethics, transparency, effectiveness, competence and honesty.